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Send us a video of your child learning with Dopalearn and receive 3 months of Dopalearn Premium access!

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By Little Brain Boosters®

Download Dopalearn on your iOS device (iPhone or iPad)
Pick any lesson from the library
Record a 30-60 second video of your child using Dopalearn
Email it to (include age of the child)
Receive 3 months of Dopalearn Premium access!

Terms and Conditions

By submitting a video and participating, you agree to the following: You give us permission to share it on our social media channels for promotional purposes, inspiring other parents and showcasing the power of Dopalearn. If you are not the parent of the child, you must have the consent of the parent or guardian. Only one submission per household is allowed. The 3-month premium subscription is subject to the standard terms and conditions of Dopalearn.
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